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you put a picture in and no one reads whats there. especially if there are multiple paragraphs and stuff like info.
Even the few that read what you wrote look for confirmation,
The BAN ME thread is proof of that.
Everyone gets their new watch camera car whatever and they immediately play with it. No one reads the instructions. I know a guy who has built a reputation as the go to how to guru. and makes a tidy living at it too, just cuz he reads the instructions, on everything, tech manuals, operators guides, all cover to cover.

Have fun start a new thread with a pic of a shiny toy with a ton of goodies and then the well worded text below for a bag of dog shit.(no pic) Reply to PM's with "my ad comes with everything described" shipped for $25. I only have five coming in the next week!"
Sell some shit stop answering stoopid questions.
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