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Originally Posted by fantastix View Post
I'm the one hosting the game, so I feel I should contribute to this thread.

The reason I'm allowing 400 indoors is because in Windsor there are simply no other local fields and the vast majority of the new players are in the 15-18 year old range, and have one weapon. There was a recent rule switch that put a hard limit of 350 on guns, which resulted in players with new guns being turned away on their first time out playing. Many of the local regulars have neither the budget nor ability to start swapping out the springs.

It was the old hosts opinion that due to the cheap cost of springs, they just suck it up and downgrade, but the time since then has been a constant slew of people breaking their gun after opening it up for the first time or plain quitting the game.
(We had 2 people that shot in the 355-360 range told they couldn't play their first game after spending a combined $900 on guns.)
If it was my in that position, I would say "too fucking bad" to them. Either they downgrade their guns or they don't play. You don't have the ability or know-how to downgrade you gun? Pay someone to do it. If you break it that's your own fault, and you shouldn't have been doing it anyway.

There is no excuse for many of the things you explained, and the limit shouldn't be raised because of them.

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