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As a Game host, I dont know what to say. You have so many moving parts to this its pretty messy.

You kind of know this as you posted this above. You have 15 year olds entering the ring in a small place with 420 FPS guns. You understand this is kind of an issue as there are few if any places that allow this INDOOR and this could come back to bite you in the A$$ as the question would come up. Waiver or not. At least with 18 and older it becomes much less complex, but I am sure you are not informing a parent they are putting their kid into a ring with a gun that is shooting at "x". Nor do they even know what "FPS" is.

Honestely while this may not be the best financial advise, it may make more sense to go 18 and older at least?

I dont know....

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