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Over 350 FPS for an indoor game in my opinion is rediculous.

We allow on our OUTDOOR field up to 450 FPS on a .20

That said, for example just our EAST woods is over 4 Acres 156,000 SQ feet. Read that again in cas you missed it, and think about 156,000 sq feet with a CAP of 30 guys. Last game guys vanished within minutes of the horn going.

Add in a bit of wind and vietnam folliage and ya, 450 makes sense.

A 20,000 sq foot "gymnasium" at over 420 FPS>No wind, no folliage WTF?

Have another.

I hope there is "ear protection" in place here as a bb going in at over 420fps will bust an ear canal like twig.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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