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Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
To the OP. I just took a quick peek at your sales thread that you have. In all fairness you should take a closer look at the gun your trying to sell. Not to criticize but there really isnt as much info presented as you may have thought. Also, consider the asking price of your gun. When your trying to sell a gun for that much moola your bound to get tonnes of clarification questions.

Another thing is that quite often there is A LOT of blatant misrepresentation in the classifieds lately. Just today someone bumped their add claiming a heavy weight gun is full metal. You will always get tire kickers, low ballers, and flakers. Its part of selling on the classifieds.

If you were dropping 500+ on a toy gun wouldnt you ask some questions just to double check?

I sure as hell do. Hell I ask questions for a $50 item let alone a $500 gun.

I guess what im trying to say is that people will ask questions no matter what. Consider it a form of risk protection. If you were to say buy a used car wouldnt you ask a butt load of questions? I sure would. Going back to my contract law classes, if a buyer doesnt ask, and there is something wrong with an item (like a car) then the seller has no responsibility as they were never asked. But by simply asking "is anything broken thats not in the ad" and you say "no". Well then a buyer has just mitigated a big risk, because you as a seller has a duty to be honest and truthful. Quite often I have seen sellers lie, and because of that I have been able to get some money back when I have been burned in the past.
Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with Jordan here.

To the OP, you have not included any note of the gun's functional nor cosmetic condition (at least on the SIG). Although you have posted photos - this is not sufficient on its own to show the gun's cosmetic (and definitely not functional) condition.

If the questions really bother you as a seller, then include full disclosure on all known issues (cosmetic and functional) - and if there aren't any problems whatsoever, then state as such (gun is 100% functional, and there are no cosmetic flaws of any kind). If that is not possible (for whatever reason), then you should be prepared to answer questions without complaining. I've seen sellers who even state the smallest nick of cosmetic damage (that normally wouldn't be noticed at all).
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