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Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
It's usually imo to get a written PM confirmation before someone makes the buy.

Many people including I have been shafted after the sale because they fail to mention an accurate description, or the extent of the damage, which can have had an influence on our final buying decision.

(e.g. What was described as a small crack actually meant the whole piece was held together by tape, and it looks like a small crack...)

Not saying you would do this, but just saying it's not an uncommon problem...

I've been burned before, and almost been burned - questions to clarify potential issues are a wise method of saving your money and/or avoiding grief. If you don't want to spend 5 minutes answering potentially redundant questions in order to reassure the potential buyer, then don't expect the buyer to even consider buying your potential POS.

Asking questions is also a good way of judging whether a person is trustworthy to buy a gun off of - if the person is evasive in answering questions, or otherwise says something that indicates that things may not be what they seem, then this is a buyers aid when it comes to making a judgement on whether to put down the cash for a purchase, or not.

The amount of mis-represented guns on the for-sale forum, frankly, makes me gun-shy (pun intended). I'd rather much prefer to respond to relatively local advertised guns, and make a purchase in person once that gun is verified in-hand as sound and as advertised, then roll the remote-purchase and ship dice on some of the over-priced, potentially held together with JB-Weld and a prayer battlefield rejects that often come up in the classified's here.
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