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Hey guys, not new to airsoft but new to the forum. Used to paintball quite a bit back in the day at Flagswipe in London and switched over due to airsoft guns being way cooler and cheaper haha. Currently I'm rocking an ARES G36C w/ a replica EOTech 551 Holosight, King Arms Lightweight 200mm Mock Silencer, & some MAGPUL PTS 30G MAGLEVEL magazines. My sidearm is kinda overkill but I like it, it's the KSC TP9 (B&T MP9) w/ a C-More Railway Reflex Sight & an NCStar Tactical Green Laser Sight. I'm really just looking for somewhere in Ontario where some outdoor/indoor matches go on, really want some people to play with since most of my friends aren't really into this kind of thing too much.
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