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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Minors? running that hot .. in close quarters... as a field owner and game host, that is in one word.. Negligent. It would never ever happen at my facility, I'm not keen on seeing my livelihood wiped out by some soccer mom suing me because little timmy got his face shot up.
Waivers are not worth the paper they are written on.. I know a personal injury Lawyer.. who said "I've never seen a waiver that I could not get around in court"

The risk is far far different from the perspective of the player vs the venue owner or game host. any one person can choose to risk it.. take that risk and multiply it by the number of players on the field ... and add several zeros.. now you get an idea of the risk to the game host or venue owner.
The problem with this is, the owner is unfamiliar with airsoft, and only knows what my team and... others, have told him. He's looking to make profit, as are some of the other hosts. That profit is going to go right out the window, because we've spoken to the owner -- his insurance doesn't cover airsoft, it only covers paintball.

It'll be a huge mess if it goes downhill.
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