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Eseeweb is asking this due to a recent change in the area. The rules read 0 MED @400, 430 is the max. The field is 100 ft by 200ft with alot of obstacles (so you never get an MED of 30 ft unless you're standing in the open). Any BB can be used but .25s are recommended. No enforced mercy, no gear requirement. No age limit. The age limit is determined by the paintball field, and will field anyone with parental signature. This particular field, with this particular host could potentially be running 14 year olds on the field, no vest @ 430. This particular host also claims that 400 fps indoors is "pretty much a CANADWIDE standard".

I'd like to add that I have no problem with a 400 FPS indoors, but ONLY if you have the space to do so, ex. Black Sheep, or Rhino. You had huge empty rooms, and massive amounts of outdoor play. Also, I'd much prefer playing with quality players at 400, because I know they're not going to light me up point blank. They're going to pull pistol in close range situations, etc.

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