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350 with .20 is tolerable, with no mercy and 0 distance engagement,

This is the limit we use at TTAC3 .. we still have lots of bleeders and bbs occasionally embedded in skin.

we have had broken fingers and shattered knuckles at this FPS as well

For field games the ranges are generally much longer, and with foliage to get through you need a higher FPS and heavier ammo.

400 fps with ammo heavier than .20 will result in injury.. this tends to reduce people's enjoyment of the game.

you can play indoors with 300fps at .20 just fine.. there is no loss of performance as the engagement range is so close that even hopup in not necessary..

the issue is that most guns come stock shooting at 400 + now so you need to tune them down to play indoors and tune them up to go outdoors..

OR.. you should have an indoor set up and and outdoor set up with different guns.
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