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Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
Wouldnt shipping on a riot shield, even a repo cost a butt load to ship? Why do you want to shop and give your money to evike so badly? Learn from the costly mistakes of other users on here and stay the hell away from them.

Besides, making your own shield can be pretty fun to do.
Cause he's burned a hella lot of bridges locally apparently. Also he "knows better than us".

I'm never buying stuff over the border unless it's worth my time and evike is definitely not worth my time because of the UPS thing (however an $800 HDTV that costs $2000 in Canada, even without warranty definitely is worth my time).

EDIT: @ Rusty: Shit.... I just realized that it's been that long..... Man time goes by fast when you're "old" (I'm only 22 though...).
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