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Originally Posted by NewBie
Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Originally Posted by NewBie
The Saint have you been to a milsim game before?
NewBie - have you?
I would like to believe so !
I don't define a Milsim event as exclusively a 24 hour operation. A Milsim event is just that - Military Simulation. A Simulation might be 24 hours, or it might be a single game day. It might be low-caps at 30 rounds, or not.

It's the game organization and the mindset of the players that makes it or breaks it. Under this definition, Newbie has been to plenty of Milsim games, although I'm sure he's been to very few 24-hour Milsim operations.

What I'd really like to see is more Milsim events that are operated as "team versus team", where Milsim teams can ...dare I say it....compete against one another. No more "JTF vs the US Rangers in the Arctic Circle, fighting for control of Canada's polar bears", but rather Team X operating on their home field and defending it from Team Y, with a "territorial record" kept of who has "conquered" which areas....this only a very small part of the idea. It could go on indefinetely, until all "contested areas" are either won or lost. You never lose the use of your fields of course, it's just a method of "scoring". "Owning" more territory could permit you to field more troops, etc. Just an idea of course...and it doesnt have to necesarily be limited to the organised milsim teams. Red VS Blue as it were, with each side consisting of a coalition of teams and or individuals.

I've never had a fellow Milsimer complain when a well executed plan led to his or her "destruction". Likewise, I don't tend to complain if my seemingly well-executed plan falls to pieces because someone on the other side devised and executed a counter-maneuver that I was unprepared for. Milsim teams playing with or in opposition to each other makes for a better (and evolving) milsim experience for those who enjoy it.
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what if it model after his?
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