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I built a M40 A5

It took allot of research, but Ive finally got all the parts and together to build a M40 A5 with KAC SR25 mock suppressor.

Ive wanted to do this for awhile. The final straw was when Ares said they were going to make a M40. After looking at the pictures, I was disgusted at the lack of detail and the exorbitant cost. I thought, "Hell I can make a superior M40 that cant be copied" so I decided to build another one of my custom guns. The first obstacle was the stock. I wanted to get a mcmillian stock, on a budget(LOL) I almost got one , but it didnt work out. My contact in MCmillan couldnt hook me up with a stock, and CDI was too busy, I talked to a rep at ------- and bought one of their .308 short pull tactical rifle stocks. It comes with aluminum bedding and all the features of a McMillan, even has a v cut so the barrel will osculate correctly. I could have gotten a Mcmillan stock, but id have to wait 3 months for the price I wanted to pay. I figured Im shooting BBs, not match grade ammo, and for the price I paid, I couldn't be happier.

2) the gun:Base gun is a kjw M700

Cnc chamber
edgi 6.00 tightbore
2 Roy hop up
9 ball purple bucking
gg striker spring
gas route springs
gg rubbers
stainless nozzle(custom sized)

The barrel: Tanaka M700 heavy barrel

The dilemma:Bedding the rifle

The finished product:
The bedding of the rifle was so precise that the barrel had a perfect float all the way to the magwell. There was no deviation and the barrel was in alignment with the action. If it were a real rifle it would oscillate without even touching the side of the stock. Im going to start moding these 308 short action tactical stocks for KJW/ tanaka m700s. It was very hard, but bedding a real rifle stock to a airsoft gun isnt easy. The results say it all. I am one of a hand full of people in the world that have a true m40 a5 rifle. The only thing missing is a MK/SN, the armors designation, I even have a heavy barrel that can take the KAC mock suppressor. The best part is you'd have to know someone and de-mill it in order to get it overseas and no one can touch the prices on em. This is one gun that wont get cloned any time soon. If anyone has any questionbs feel free to pm me
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