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Arrow King Arms M4A1, Factory Defect or Unlucky?

After getting suggestions from my friend, and reading multiple reviews on Airsoft Canada, I got my King Arms M4A1 from TA when it was on sale! cheap! Less than $275.

Got my gun downgraded because it was shooting 407FPS. After the downgrade it was shooting 300, with a 110 or 100 spring (forgot). I was fine with it since I could use it indoor. Get to Ultimate Airsoft's Field, shoots 380FPS-390FPS.

THEN got it downgraded again to hopefully shoot less than 350FPS.

SO here is the actual problem. When they opened the gearbox again we found strings of debris in it. Didn't know what it was. Turns out if was the motor gear that was striping. Changed it but still doesn't work.

Factory Defect? or Generally Unlucky? Does anyone else with a KA M4A1 (licenced colt) have any problems with it at all?

Any input, stories or anything would be greatly appreciated!
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