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Question Question related to CO2 Pistol maintenance

I have a PT-92 made by KJW, and I have recently bought a new magazine for it to replace one with a leaky valve. The reason I'm pointing this out, is that I'm going to be going to university in a few weeks, and I'll be away from my guns for a while. I would rather not have a situation where I buy something new, have to leave it for a while, come back, and find that it's broken for some reason related to not maintaining it.

I understand that for pistols it's important to put silicone oil on it once in a while, and my question is:

If I leave my pistol and magazine unattended and unused for a period of a few months (with occasional visits home), will anything bad happen? Will anything wear out? Keep in mind they are well oiled and I plan on applying more before I leave.

I have some friends I can trust to take care of my stuff, but I can't guarantee they'll remember to do maintenance.

I'm hoping that this is just a stupid fear to have, but I'd rather not come home and find that my pistol (which I hadn't been able to use for a while anyways...) is broken, yet again.

Any help would be appreciated.

On a side note, I also have an Echo 1 M14 AEG.... is there anything I should know about leaving AEGs for prolonged periods of time?:-?

EDIT: turns out the only lubricant I have left now is this stuff called 'Losi Shock Fluid, 20wt' it says Certified silicone on the front but does anyone know if it's got any petroleum in it? I don't want it to affect my magazine internals.

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