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Its Golf dude.
You can play single, a group of four, or a whole Tourney.
The Woody's , Irons and the Putters.
You select the right clubs for the holes that need plugging.
Score is generally kept on an Honour system
You can go to the Driving Range, Mini Putt, The First Nine or the whole 18.
Our players tend to carry their own clubs, occasionally there's a Golf Cart.
After a good round the fella get together at the 19th hole and tell lies about their Handicaps, their new clubs and the great Plaid Pants they saw.
New Guys tend to whack the shit out of the balls and go as fast as they can with way to many strokes on their cards, where the Old players calmly wait for the wind to be right and drop it on the green.
The critical difference is, our game has the golfers come into the feild from opposite sides and move toward each other. That's where the excitment lives.
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