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if milsim is only ammo limits then who cares. Honestly, I never gave a crap if the guy who beat me had more ammo then I do(ha! like thats ever gonna happen...wait, no more Cmag). Lets say tommorow the world breaks out fighting....some will run around with 300 rounds, while others, like myself, will carry 15 Cmags on my back and have a donkey pulling a wagon loaded with M249s and buckets of ammo...

is milsim:
1 bullet=1 bb
1 bullet = how many bbs it takes to do to an enemy behind a bush what a single bullet can do

far as im concrened, if milsim means making things more real-world; ammo limits hinder that.
but airsoft can only be so milsim...i mean, our guns have disgusting range, and no accuracy...I played milsim games and seen the enemy walking in a field and neither of us can engage because we are like 300 feet away...

IMHO, milsim is about the game being unpredicatble...Not knowing the FPS, team sizes, etc. Id love a game where I didnt know exactly how much ammo the enemy has. The more dynamic and mixed the game is, the more milsim it is to me.