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Hi I'm Chuck,

I'm 27 and live on the Montreal Island. I've been interested in Airsoft off and on for over a decade but never made the leap towards buying a gun. My dad and I enjoy target shooting with pistols but the cost is quite high and I've been looking into alternatives as the licensing process and purchasing of a legal firearm is tedious. My Dad refuses to let me cover the cost of ammo but I noticed that with guest pass and ammo a short visit to the range is about 100 bucks. I'm a former infantry reservist and enjoyed handling the C7 on EX (never deployed) but I'm interested in getting into airsoft mainly for the fun of owning and caring for one as well as target practice.

I'm on the fence on participating in major events. Maybe further down the line when I have more free time. For now I'm just looking to learn about the AEGs themselves and invest some time tinkering with one and learning how to handle it, care for it and upgrade it.


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