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To me, there is nothing better than a mil-sim game. Viking, Scarcrow, Meat, Ponch, you guys hit it! No other way to explain it. Nothing beats being out in the field all day/night on a single load of ammo, getting eaten by bugs, burned by the heat, soaked by the rain and eating sand covered green candies for two days. That's what I thought airsoft is all about? I find there is more of a challenge carrying a restrictive load-out, knowing I have to be strategic and I have to rely on team mates to get the job done.

However, as being one of the organizers at the LZ here in Ottawa, I don't have the time and energy to run all out mil-sim games every two weeks. I try and do one a month, like Op Razor Cut 2 and Op Red Flag next month. So for every game day, I try and do a small senario, if it lasts all day, cool. If not, we do some smaller senario/skirmish style games later in the day. Although our smaller games still have an objective of somesort and we ask players to still follow, "mil-sim rules" like realistic loadouts, etc... So I think there is a place for both styles.

As far as knowing which one is a mil-sim. I think the idea of calling it an "operation" or labelling it as a mil-sim style game is the easiest.

Just my .02
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