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I lied.

I managed to find an image uploader after finally getting my hard drive to work.

This is the sizing stamp.

This is the location of the stamp, on the inner left relative pocket.

This is the stitching found on the back of the jacket portion of the BDU. This is the largest seam I could find, double-stiched, and holds the two left-right portions of the BDU Upper together.

Zoomed out version.

And, this is what I was talking about on the subject of the pattern.

The Green and Gray squares are quite sharp:

But the Brown

And Black

Are a bit rounded. Does this mean anything?

Note that these images are taken at a huge macro, ~14mm at zoom. The pattern doesn't look that bad from afar, but I don't think actual 07 has that kind of rounding.

Also, I still don't have an IR-equipped anything... :\
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