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Originally Posted by NewBie
The Saint have you been to a milsim game before?
NewBie - have you?

Airsoft has become so diversified to the point where every facet and niche has an outlet - much to the degree of the music industry these days. I'm sure somewhere there's a civil war 24 hour event where you sit around and starve in blood soaked fields waiting for the next battle, perhaps dining on horse.

Seriously, we as a community have somewhat of an identity complex. But ironically that's how it works, because we all put into it what we contribute. Lately - there's been a huge variation on that contribution. Is a MilSim just that because it's 24 hours long, has the word 'Operation:' in it's event name, and has everyone part of a fictional story ultimately fighting whooops or should I say skirmishing...over a scripted or set objective?

Whatever way we lean towards, ideally we got to realize that one man's MilSim is another man's skirmish, but we still got to take that 'other mans' perspective into consideration. We're all in the same boat, just on different ends. You should be able to walk freely around the boat no matter what side your on and enjoy what the other has to offer. That's what makes this hobby/sport/community so dynamic - instead of telling you all about how great it is - fucking walk over there and walk in their shoes (boots) and see/smell/taste first hand what it's about.

At the end of the day I think we'd all be a lot more accomodating.

I would like to see a MilSim section on the board, much to the degree of the 'Themed Airsoft' section - or perhaps fleshing out that section to make it more accomodating (there's that word again) to those who want to see more depth. [Much to the same effect as the awesome conversations that were brewing at - I miss those]
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