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Is it just me? am i the only one to question some of these stories? i dunno man.

it seems to me that some of the stories posted on here are just to make you look more "mature" to the older age verified guys here, but by doing that your making yourself look less mature to people who spot a false story when they see it. (i can see your fake stories through the back of my hand kiddo's, beware!)

ANYWAYS on-topic: as long as the kids arent being asshats and take the game seriously safety and gameplay wise i have no issue at all. some of the younger guys i've seen are actually more honorable when it comes to hits and such just because they have something to prove to the older guys. some of them

it should be treated as a come and go basis. kids play right? let em play. if they dont? dont let em play, its not too hard really, and you can usually tell whats gunna happen game 1.

and legally-wise about the store: you're more likely to be charged or blammed for not offering a customer service rather than selling to a parent who then gives it to thier kids. BESIDES the warning/safety labels on most guns boxes or manuals cause any injury not on a field to be at ones own fault. It would be smart however to have a Liability waiver for your field (the one i play at does) that saves the field owner from being blamed/charged/sued if someone gets injured. this way players who play on the field are aware of any risks or injuries that might happen.

just my two-piece take it as you will.
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