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most kids think sniping is going to be much more exciting than it really is. they dont understand what sniping is all about. most kids get these guns thinking they are gunna rack up a ton of kills because of video games and movies, when in reality they get outshot because they are running in too close. i have a sniper on my team (brad/lumberjack) who goes games without firing his gun because he does a snipers real job in airsoft. recon and cover. ive played games where he would sit up on a hill and be my UAV/anna grimsdottir for the entirety of the game telling us of enemy movements and numbers. i want to hear more "Dusk i see three guys moving on your left, they see you be careful, also the guys in front of you are on thier last clips" rather than "dont worry i got him....:infantry:....sorry i missed" CoD kids.

it also doesn't help that snipers are usually cheaper than AeGs lmao.
thank the media for ruining the sniper scene.
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