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Originally Posted by ccyg8774 View Post
I know the GBB pistols are better than AEP in several ways... But just like AEG rifles vs GBB rifles, I kind of like the convenience of AEP for no need to buy/fill gas and no dealing with leaking. (Gee, I spent last month dealing with gas leaks in the lab, but that is another story.) I wonder why the AEPs are almost "extinct" in here.
GBB - realism factor is huge in terms of preference over AEP, and in most outdoor events where operating temperature for GBB's may be an issue, the GBB pistol is a secondary weapon and therefore of secondary importance to be running optimally. It's a close-range, fall-back sidearm. For the primary, the opposite runs true. AEG's are common as a primary, with GBBR's less common. Those who own GBBR's, generally will also have an AEG as a backup when conditions aren't good for running the GBBR's.

There are AEP's being run in the field - but you are right, they aren't very common, as far as i have observed in my limited experience.
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