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Originally Posted by Matt 'Maverick' Watts View Post
I'm really not understanding why everyone seems hell bent on buying anywhere BUT Canada... in the last year, prices in Canada have consistently dropped to reasonable levels, and more and more Canadian retailers are offering warranties.
By the time you purchase and ship a gun from the US you're going to end up paying what you do in any legitimate store here in Canada, without the warranty and without supporting Airsoft in our country.
You all DO want airsoft to grow in Canada, right? Support Canadian shops so they can continue to grow, get more gear and help the sport grow here.
The guy who started the thread is about 14 so he won't be buying in Canada at least over the table for a while. His parents or etc. may be helping him out but he's out of luck. I think he has also burnt some bridges in his home province.

I guess at that point Evike looks pretty good to him.
Airsoft, where nothing is hurt but feelings.
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