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Actually I have ordered 2 times from Evike.
ICS M4 CQB pistol. no problem across the border after having them upgrade the spring to a 120 and doing the chrono sheet.

and the other was at KJW 10/22 Shoots 400 with chrono sheet all fine...

first gun I shipped to a place in Pembina ND and drove down picked it up, Declared bla bla paid my tax all good

second gun 10/22 was Shipped via USPS -> Can Post all good... took a bit long for my liking... although they were moving as well so I can't fault them too much...

another order was for $700 in BB's (for our team) and they were shipped to Pembina and I picked them up as well all good

have ordered parts from them and got no problem

others may have had issues but that is my story and I'm sticking to it...

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