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kwa mp7 is not entry level, if it's well documented at shooting over 366, then that could be not bad.

evike is shit for shipping. What they do is charge your credit card for the item so you pay for it without it even shipping.

THEN they calculate the shipping and CHARGE YOU AGAIN usually overcharging for shipping. I believe mine was shipped usps. The box was packaged reasonably well, but the product box was not sealed and parts were missing. The part was 80$, shipping was another 50. It took like a month to get. That's a shitton of money to ship a small parcel that weighs like 2 pounds. And it took the same amount of time as a ground package that should have cost about 20 to ship. I had items ordered and shipped via slowass SAL from japan beat a package from evike sent apparently by priority mail by about a week. It cost less to ship that from japan, it weighed more and it was larger than the evike package.

You do the math on where the extra 30$ in shipping went.

Only when I called them on the bullshit missing items and threatened a chargeback on the credit card did they send me a replacement part that was not part of the item I ordered, and it didn't even fit very well.
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