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not sure if trolling... or.....

Originally Posted by JerryMcGoulBerry View Post
is venture a shipping company? how much was shipping?

Originally Posted by venture View Post
I agree with the first reply by lurkingknight . The VA 36 is a great deal and supports a Canadian retailer.

Look at it this way, the VA g36 mII is 200-230$ from the canadian vendor which I shall not name because of your non AV status, but if your google fu is strong you can find it easily. Add batteries and mags like any normal person would and you even get it shipped for free.

The cheapest JG g36 genIV (product code JG-6681 which the VA g36 mII most likely is) is available from airsplat in the states who currently does not offer export paperwork to canada, is about 150-200$ US before shipping. And on the lowside shoots 350, are you going to chance it that it will shoot what they claim? The box does state it potentially shoots lower than the 366. customs is entitled to hold it and test it if they want.

The evike jg model is not guaranteed to be the gen 4 with improved nylon fiber body, so it could be the old pvc/abs body and junk internals. Which imo is not worth the price tag when the gen4 has similar quality externals and internals to a CA g36 but half the price. For 140 you'd be getting something not as crappy as a walmart gun, but not as nice as the VA36.

140-150~.. plus at least 50 to ship it... knowing evike probably 80 adding mags? oh well then sir, evike will love you as they ship the mags in a separate box for another 50$.. or they stuff it into one box and charge you oversize package rates. That's provided they grab the right product off the shelf, chrono it without mixing up paperwork with another gun being exported and if they remember to put the paperwork with the package.

What do you save? Not taxes, because customs will probably will charge you tax. Provided they don't open it and verify if the product stated on the declaration form is correct or not... and they don't discover some other gun that isn't shooting 366+.

Gamble on something more rare or higher end if you're going to order from shitvike, not something entry level you can already get in country for maybe 10-20$ more.
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