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Francophones, your assistance is required!

I need the following phrases translated into French, as succinctly as possible because space is limited. Feel free to use abbreviations and slashes where possible, ie. Manufactured in/Fabrique au UK --> Mfg in/Fab au UK

Some of you already know what this is for, the rest of you will likely figure it out. And since I know the question will be posed, it is still a work in progress full of government red tape so there is no ETA yet, sorry. Progress is steady and positive, I'll say that much.

Thanks in advance to any volunteers!

Explodes with flash
Explodes with flash and multiple reports
Explodes with flash and multiple report then emits smoke
Explodes with flash and loud report
Emits cloud of smoke
Explodes and expels projectiles

Hold in throwing hand; twist off top cap, turn cap over; strike top of cap against fuse
Hold in throwing hand; grasp pull ring, keep hand away from top of grenade; pull ring out sharply
Hold in throwing hand; remove bottom cap and withdraw string; pull string out sharply
Hold in throwing hand with lever against palm; twist ring away from lever to disengage safety; twist ring back towards lever and pull out

Wear safety glasses and hearing protection.
If article fails to explode wait 10 minutes and return to importer.
Do not attempt to relight.
Illegal to modify or disassemble article.
Do not use on or around flammable material or dry grass.

For adult use only.
Drop grenade and retreat 5 meters. Do not hold in hand.
Do not leave burning article unattended.
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