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1. What gun do you recommend for a starter? I really like M4s and M16s
M4s are perfect starter guns. they're commonly found, easily upgradable, and user friendly
2. Whats the main performance difference between battery/gas?
Gas is a lot more realistic and cooler looking, however buying propane/ gas can be expensive. and the mags are expensive too. they also perform poorly in cold weather. AEGs are alot more basic. first gun should be an AEG
3. With regards to gear, what should I look to get? I would be more of an assault class player.
The very first thing you need it eye protection, I recomend a low profile maks or goggles and a mesh mask. dont go with a paintball masks, its hard to aim down sight with its bulkyness. the second thing is a tactical vest, they can make jean and a hoodie look tactical.
4. How many times do people here play in Toronto? Do you have monthly meetups?
Dont know, in Calgary
5. Overall, how much should I budget to spend on a full setup (gun, gear, goggles etc...)?
i'd say 200-1000$ you can always buy a maks, cheap M4 and tacitcal vest.
6. Do you have tournaments? (I come from an old school paintball background)
on ASC there is an events forum, look in there and you will find scheduled events, but most paintball fields run airsoft night, go there pay, play.
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