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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
There is a lot more that separates milsim from skirmishing other than complexity. It has to do with longer waiting times for action - a willingness to wait and stalk for long periods of time, of mimicking real world operations and operators, employing their methods as close as one can, its about reduced ammo loadouts to real steel levels (sometimes), and its also about operating in a unit and taking and giving orders. There is a lot more to milsim than just the complexity of a game. I've seen plenty of complex skirmishes too (and hosted them as well) - complexity is not the sole domain of milsimers. Calling skirmishing simple by extention would be wrong.
But how is that not a reflection of the game's complexity, where complexity means the amount of demands and restrictions placed on the players? How are ammo restrictions, lower rate of combat encounters and other modifiers not merely enhancements for the main aspect of airsofting, that of exchanging plastic BBs from realistic looking weapons? Calling skirmishing simpler is not meant to be insulting, it merely points out the fact that it's regarded as skirmishing is because it doesn't have as many demands as what is regarded as milsim.

I think people forget that airsoft, whether you call what you're doing skirmishing or milsimming are both inherently the same thing: simulating real life gun battles. We're playing around with airsoft weapons instead of paint markers or laser guns because we all want to fight like real soldiers, cops, etc. Airsoft is made for the purpose of letting people pretend gunfight. And since people often use real life combat techniques and (some) chain-of-command in skirmishing, how would they not be doing essentially "military simulation"? Are uniforms, airtight command structure and ammo restrictions really what makes or breaks a milsim? And that common purpose and origin, if nothing else, shows that skirmishing and milsimming are both the same combat simulation sport. The words "skirmish" and "milsim" are adjectives that describe how far a game goes in its immitation of real life, not two different sports.
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