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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
+Definition of uncontrolled firearm under CBSA is clarified
+Increase retailer importing
+Overall decrease is prices of airsoft guns Pistols that were selling $350 were now $230
+GBBR manufacture (non-cloning) now includes VFC, and KWA
-More instances of realistic, non-CT airsoft seen on news (where police are call in)
Pretty much great news all around, glad to hear it

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Airsoft Gear. Optix runs the store, he can also Age Verify you as well. Kampfer works at Milsig as their in house guntech (don't buy anything from Milsig, just go in, get AV and get out of there), he can also Age Verify, and I believe the newest guy in Vancouver is White_Knight or something like that, IIRC he's around Coquitlam area or something.
Ah, thanks! I'll see if I can get age verified tomorrow. I actually remember your avatar after all this time. Glad to see airsoft is still doing well since I was gone (from stalker the forums)
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