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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
Nor would I subject either party to the other's gaming style if they are mutually exclusive, but why try and build bridges between what is essentially lacross and hockey? I mean they both are played with sticks and there are nets and you have to score, but, that does not mean hockey players would prefer to play lacross or vice versa. I see them as two different sports almost.
That's not a particularly good analogy, lacross and hockey are differentiated by gameplay, milsim and skirmish are differentiated by complexity. Like floor hockey and ice hockey, maybe. IMO, the difference between milsim and skirmish is more like wars and battles, but they're still just different ends of a spectrum, based on varying complexity, but still existing as one sport.

So I don't understand why milsim and skirmish would be black and white categories or even separate categories. Even within milsim there are differences in extremes, as it's already been point out. I might enjoy the idea of scenarios, ammo restriction, LARPing and dressing for the part as best as I could, but what if I don't have the money to invest in sufficiently authentic gears, want to use precisely what fits in that era or want to wait 5 hours between combat? "Too bad, you're a candy milsimer, go away"? To which the response would be, "you're not playing airsoft, you're just reinacting the [whichever] war, go back to Texas"? There are no definitive collection of traits enforced by some central airsoft authority on what qualifies as a milsim, only individual opinions. I don't see why that has to change or emphasized beyond what it already is.

Besides, skirmish is essentially a part of milsim, it's part part where you know, we fight. Skirmishing concentrates the combative portion of the sport but adds little else that would make it a wholey different and exclusive sport from milsim. You go to a skirmish for simpler fights, you go to a milsim for more complex fights. Some skirmish have more restrictions, some milsims are looser on restrictions. It's because they're just different points on the same line. Unless we want to clutter the sport with useless additional categorizations for slight variance in gameplay and create unnecessary social divisions (which categorizing players WILL do), we all just play airsoft; apply skirmish and milsim prefix according to individual taste while actually basing interest in playing a game on the rules given for that particular game.
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