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Originally Posted by hollywood... View Post
I have a full US loadout,... get er going Cooney
I'm no host. Trust me.

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well Cooney, looks like you have a project... revitalize Namsoft in southern Ontario..

get at it
I only know most general things of the vietnam war and the conflicts related to it. I'm still reading books and researching in my spare time.

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In Country will most likely be at the Military Muster I mentioned to you Cooney.. Come on out to it!
No ride

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The last WW2 game I attended was a Level 2 game this past winter. It was pretty good. Lots of effort was made to look the part. I enjoyed myself. But 2 of the Allied players I went on patrol with asked me what a German soldier looked like as they didn't know. Other players discussed CYMA Thompsons v. KA Thompsons during quiet times. So much for attempting an immersion (It wasn't an immersion game anyway). Would have been a nice touch though.
Our German forces were pinned, starving, limited in working guns. (Winter blew our forces away). We resulted in desperate measures of using shovels to throw snow and Broken guns to convince the allies they worked.
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