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Within reason, you shouldn't see an Infantry Platoon rocking suppressors, scopes, etc on their M16s. In pictures I've only seen the M203 and XM148 used by SEALs and SASR, all the pictures I've seen of Infantry, LRRPs/Rangers, etc they used the M79 through out the war.
Most certainly.

However, that sort of stuff falls into the impression / reenactment category. If we are just talking a Viet Nam game to get things rolling certain kit restrictions most likely wouldn't be in the mix.

Historical Airsoft has a very fragile balance. The hardcore players are easily outnumbered by those that want to play with passable kit. Finding the acceptable balance in regards to kit restrictions is a struggle between historical game cancellation and historical game in name only.

The last WW2 game I attended was a Level 2 game this past winter. It was pretty good. Lots of effort was made to look the part. I enjoyed myself. But 2 of the Allied players I went on patrol with asked me what a German soldier looked like as they didn't know. Other players discussed CYMA Thompsons v. KA Thompsons during quiet times. So much for attempting an immersion (It wasn't an immersion game anyway). Would have been a nice touch though.
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Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.
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