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The real question you're asking is whether a sufficient number of players in the halo of the GTA are able to set aside multicam, A-TACS, marpat, rail systems, new-fangled weapons, etc, and go retro with M16s, AKs, woodland camo, less sophisticated rigs and mag pouches, etc.

I suspect the interest would be there if someone were to campaign for it.

Some people are already prepared, some not, etc. Some parts of going "fully" namsoft are going to be inexpensive (clothing, etc), some not so much (guns).

I think you've got quite an advocacy task ahead of you, but it's doable. You just need to pave the way and show those of us who never got into the Vietnam thing (myself included) what a minimum setup would involve, one that ideally would satisfy purists and not spoil the authenticity on game day.
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