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What gun should i buy?!

So im new to this site and airsoft, i have 4 years paintball experiance and an selling my BT TM 15 and looking at buying a full metal airsoft gun, but i look online an the amount and variety of brand are unlimited, im looking for something with a hight FPS and some thing accurate with a moderate Us black military look to it, and most important i want some thing reliable cause ive bought many guns that were supposivly durable and crapped out on me within 2 months and yes i clean my markers. im looking to spend up to 440 bucks. but if theres are some near that price or a little over please still let me know.
Also am i better going with a gas gun or an eletric???

Guns i had in mind...

Echo 1 Er25k

Jing Gong Hk416 Crane

Ares M4A1 Full metal

WE KAC PDW Long version Propaine

Those are a few ideas, but im sure that there are 1000000 different others i dont know about... any way any help would be awsome! thanks! :infantry:
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