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"The marines are looking for a few good men. Unfortunately, you aint it."

A normal game of airsoft is just paintball with more cosplay. A real military person would look at us and probably consider it pantomime. Its not meant to be taken serious, other then a universally accepted need to adhere to the basic safety rules and the honor system of hit calling.

Milsim to me isnt to prove Im a real soldier, or I have the stuff it takes to be some hardass that Im not. Im paying respect to the people who are.

By not dressing like a real soldier and acting like a retard in a homage to his duty and career, I pay him respect. By showing self discipline to even some degree of the real thing I show that I respect the difficulty of their work and training.

"When you start looking like Marines, youll start feeling like Marines. And pretty soon, Goddammit youll start acting like Marines!"

As far as the game goes if you come prepared, if you carry your load, and show dedication to serving your unit and your forces proudly and with respect youre more likely to succeed. And even in failure you will have self respect and honor you wont normally get from a standard game. Because you worked hard and overcame challenges and you all did it to a higher standard.

(FYI: the quotes were from Heartbreak Ridge.)
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