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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
If you are having doubts, then don't buy one. Only buy if and when you are sure that it is a 'good purchase' for you. What we think, is entirely irrelevant.
+1 for that.

This sport is all about what you like and what feels right to you. The feelings and advise from people here while helpful means nothing at the end of the day if the gun you end up getting dosent feel right to you.

My advise is to try a few different types of guns and judge from there.

As far as AEG vs GBB goes. That depends on how and when you play. GBB are great fun but there shit in the winter. AEG works well all year round but you have to deal with electrical issues. Six in one a half dozen in the other.

Bottom line. How and when you play will be a big factor in which gun you pick.

Hope that helps.
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