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Originally Posted by alex_c_t
i dont really see why a combined milsim - skirmish game wouldnt work...

i mean, on one team you got a bunch of highly disciplined, highly organized small teams, using realistic ammo loads, while on the other you got disorganized mobs firing blindly on full auto, doing suicidal charges (by milsim rules), .

kinda sounds like a perfect 'nam / 'stan / iraq scenario to me...
Well I'll see if I can expand my impression of it. If I'm wrong feel free to tell me.

A milsim event, by my standards, has tightly restricted ammunition requirements (the Vietnamese, Afgans, and Iraqi insurgents have limited ammo), units utilize intensive planning and tactics (Vietnamese and Insurgents have plans and guerilla style tactics), realistic wound/death characteristics (in the real world, you really ARE dead... and the Vietnamese especially would pull out ALL their wounded), and are placed in extremely realistic situations (you may very well be out in the field for 5 hours without ANY contact). These groups you mentioned, you have to try not to fall prey to the popular misconceptions and assumptions people have about them. Because again, that's not 'real'.. so it bothers the milsimmer. It's also not very fair during an event to have one team running with 300 rounds, and the other with 7 highcaps.

So when you put that together, only 300 rounds of ammo and being forced to patrol for 3 to 4 hours before being ordered to take up an ambush position for another 2, and then having to carry out your wounded or end up dieing.. and STAYING dead for however long it takes... It doesn't make a fast paced run and gun player very happy. Not to mention any of the other rules that get added on.

But if you compromise these rules a bit in an attempt to also appeal to the skirmisher, then the milsimmer is no longer happy, because you've taken away the things that made it real to him.

Milsimmers enjoy those rules that make the game 'long and boring' to people who enjoy engaging the enemy.

Milsim vs Skirmishers is thrill of the hunt vs thrill of the kill.

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