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Thanks everyone for the great advice, i really appreciate it. With regards to batteries what one do you suggest i get for the WE M4A1? I got 2 different suggestions from WE users. Whats the difference between batteries? FPS?
The battery has absolutely no effect on the FPS of your gun.

The battery powers the motor that is used to compress the spring. When the spring is fully compressed, it is then released and pushes the piston into the cylinder. Different batteries will make this whole process faster or slower, but the amount of compressed air that comes out of the cylinder will always be the same.

When looking for a battery, the voltage (think "power") will affect the ROF, and the mAh (think "capacity" of the battery) will change how many shots you can actually take when the battery is fully charged.

Thats about it. Also consider WHERE you have to put it (handguard? Stock?), depending on how the gun is wired (dont know about the WE). Usually you want a smaller battery if it has to fit in the handguard.
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