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It was Toast's VSR, I don't think he plays anymore, and anyway it was never as good as my VSR lol

Amos learned that increasing hop can actually increase FPS on a bolt action, depending on your barrel length, sometimes the higher initial pressure caused with lots of hop will increase initial and subsequent acceleration down the barrel.
He was at 475 or something, increased hop to get to 470 and it actually went to about 490

What people mean by "FPS doesn't matter" is that compression and consistency are MORE important than FPS by a LOT.
I used to have a 360fps G3-SG1 that could easily outrange many chinese 470fps sniper rifles, simply because it had a far superior hopup and air seal.

And I'm gonna +1 with Stalker on the higher fps being bad bit. In my experience .3s are only fully effective till about 450fps, then you really need .36s.
Then .43s once you get above 400, but at 585 you're looking at something like .6s
What I've learned in my years is that BB's have a relative velocity that they love to be at, and it's 330-360fps. Everything just seems to perform better in that speed range, too fast and it seems like the air around the BB starts to spoil or something causing it to veer off.
Anyone got a wind tunnel? We'll test the optimal relative velocity for maintaining the stable flight of 6mm spheroids with backspin lol
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