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Thanks HackD

You are correct the screening has no doubt worked. Even screened out the guy who unfortunately turned out to have mental issues (we assume) and was arrested in Hamilton near the golf course. We were PMing back and forth and the questions started going off. I believe he was at walk on game at a paintball place before and was considering showing at a game with a pellet gun.

If I dont know the guy, I search for someone who does, etc etc.

Generally we are more looking for respect than anything. Respect for the sport and the other players. Not flaking, calling hits, basically dont be a Dick and the rest will fall into place.

With the field having clear expectations like this upfront, I suppose the reason why we have had zero issues that I am aware of is because people know this is not the place for it. There is no reason to come, or try. It will simply mean a return to the car and a drive home. Pointless. There is no way to say "in +5" and bam you have bodies. Only to find 2 of the +5 have been booted from ASC. We check them all out.

Are the games smaller cause of this, HELL YA!. But the other side is the reason why people come.

Just another option to the sport I felt was missing.

Anyway, I dont want divert the thread from those kids working in the woods for a place for us to play!

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