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Not sure this was mentioned but depending were you are playing I would suggest:

A BASIC chest rig. Condor makes one for $30 bucks that has the 3 double mag pouches in them,(holds 6 mags) and 2 more for stuff. As well as a radio pouch. I JUST NOW a year later got a holy smokes rig yesterday and that $30 one did me WELL! What it did was let me focus on the other stuff, like great gun, mags, chargers etc then come back to this.

Get a Dump pouch too so you dont loose your $20 mags.

While you are doing this you are seeing more and more games and other set ups and figuring out what you want and what works.

Stuff like the gun and mags is non negotiable. Buy cheap--get cheap.

I suggest you go balls to the wall on that, the mags and battery. That is the cement of the basement.

The rest is the fun part.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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