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What bugs me is the fact younger players and even some older players have no concept of safety and it really bugs me i mean i was taught by my parents since i could speak dont point guns unless you are sure you want to hurt it or if there is some sort of protection and that isn't little safety glasses that's full seal. It's sad though because little story here there was a kid about a year ago and he is a year or two younger than me and im 16 but anyways he was putting a loaded pellet gun away and he shot himself up his nose and lived and is lucky because living that is slim. the pellet barley missed a main artery and he was flown out to have surgery to get the lead pellet out of his skull because it was in the fluid in his skull but he lost his vision after an attempt and they said if they did it again he would probably be killed and its sad though because he has to live with it now and can only be out for half a day and after that he has to sleep.

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