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Ironically these kids already shoot real guns,(.22's) (job is to get rig of the racoons), and they have pellet guns.

As you can imagine, they grow up FAST in the farms and sitting around is not tollerated.

I go to the local Flamborough speeday and you see kids 15-16 in the thunder car series (winning) and they get up on the roof of the car at the end of the race and usually the announcer comments he (or she) doesnt have a licence yet. That usually gets a bit of a laugh in the stands. (btw the Thunder Cars are late model 400 HP full sized cars--unusally impallas or olds)

I am probably going to do a father and son thing for the local kids very soon. Going to see how far they take this fort in the mean time.

They mentioned they are "hauling steel down next" so I think this could get crazy.

You will see the posts in the ground this Sat. Still laughing as when I saw it I immeditately thought, "shit now thats a structure man!....probably a shed or something"

Still had the strings for the squaring up, the left over gravel etc.

Should have seen the kids smile. Like "how bout them apples" pride

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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