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A Good Story

I wanted to post a good story after reading some pretty sad stuff over the past week.

We have a field we have been playing at for the past 6 months. You may have read snipets about it and seen a few videos. Many of the best players have played here.

The field is raw and now heavily covered. There are LOTS of places to hide. All natural setting with woods, trenches etc.

This is set out in farm land and like its own feature among farm field and a close nit farm community.


So I mentioned to the owner I would like to build stuff that is more substantial. This is for when the leaves fall off, and the grass dies out. We want to play this all year round.

The owner (farmer) is working on getting us an all weather road in with a locked gate for our games.

I went by a few days after this discussion and I was in the woods and noticed 4 HUGE posts in the ground. I am talking telephone poles diameter. They were plum level, and spaced out about 10 feet apart. They were put in and crushed gravel was used to secure them. Thought is was some kind of building he was putting in to store stuff etc. Pretty heavy duty stuff.

So fast forward to today, I met up with the owner before work. Him and his grandson putted up in the Kabota. Gave him his field fees for this weekend and chatted.

I asked him out of curiousity what the 4 huge posts were. His 12 year old grand son piped up and said:

"its a fort we are building for your guys!.... all the local kids are building it---cool eh? guys needed a building to hide in right?"


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