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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
- switching camo to avoid detection (as this happens in real warfare);

As in real life, this should carry consequences in the realm of game-play, if caught. In real life, imprisonment and death usually follows swiftly with the capture of a turn-coat, captured Opfor in wrong uniform, or espionage.
I don't know what it is like now, but in 1970's Greece if you did that you'd get a extra month put onto your service you need to complete (Conscription over there), and possibly get promoted to a Drill Sgt at a training center instead of a unit Sgt.

Originally Posted by Conker View Post
Requiring the player to identifty his target, and not shoot at first sight, makes it more challenging. And realistic.
Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
In smaller scale games its easier to know whos who, but with the bigger milsim games I think its a necessary evil IMO.
Well the Americans used something like this in the Cold War ...

And the Russians (Sorry couldn't find a period picture but I believe its a period correct uniform).

There are differences, but its about the same as trying to figure out if its MARPAT or CADPAT at a distance, generic OD.

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