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Originally Posted by FoxhoundNB View Post
No I totally get what you're saying, So you're saying that Communications, having a working chain of command (if numbers necessitate) and the right attitude have nothing to do with the success of a milsim event?

Freedom of movement is such a minor part of the game; and guess what; that problem exists in real life too. The biggest obstacle to 'milsim' is that people know they can respawn after they die. Take that away and I suspect that the events would be a lot more deliberate and thought out and more milsim-ish. Being able to climb on roofs won't help anything, except give you 5 minutes of novelty cool before you never do it again.
Thats an excellent point, i really wonder how much a game would change if your only given one life (or maybe one respawn per hour) oh for sure people would follow the chain of command. Wow, thats a huge point. I like it
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