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Mayflower and Blue Force Gear are the tits if you want light and very well made gear
I would definitely recommend them to others.

As far as other good brands, Tactical Tailor, HSGI, Maxpedition, ESSTAC, Crye Precision, TYR Tactical, and Shellback Tactical (heard mixed reviews about their pouches, but their plate carrier has got great reviews, and its really reasonably priced as well. Even seen pics of a SOF guy wearing one)

If you have the means to, I would go with one of the many companies listed. If your tight on cash and only want something that can get you playing, I would say that Condor or Pantac is not that bad. It will by no means be as good as the RS stuff, but it definitely will do the job for the time being. As for other items like boots and eye ware, I would highly recommend you not skimp on these. You can play in shitty TMC gear, but I can promise you that you won't be playing much of anything in the ER.
My only worry about death is that my fiancÚ will sell my gear for what I SAID I paid for it.....

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